Chanel – N°5


Brand : Chanel
Series : N°5
Category : For Her
Concentration : Eau De Parfum
Performance : 12 – 24 jam

What do I wear to bed? Why, Chanel No. 5 of course.” – Marilyn Monroe

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  1. Lily S

    OMG smell exactly sama macam my original bottle! The opening scent maybe lain sikit (since this one pun don’t have alcohol) but they’re almost identical! N yes it lasts almost 12 hour, the original one paling lama pun 6hrs. Love it!

  2. Yee Shern

    Too strong for my likings. I dont know why everyone loves the no5. I prefer Coco Madamoiselle. Sorry!

  3. Aish

    Perfume wajib ada untuk semua ladies! Spray kat baju, tahan lebih 24 jam. Bau tak menyengat hidung, klasik je sedap sangat.

  4. Abba_77

    I am super satisfied with my purchase. Smells long last even more than 12 hrs.

  5. ms_mikha

    Kuat bau nya. Menusuk hidung masa mula2 pakai. Tp once dh blend dgn bdn, rasa okay. Sedap & strong. Tahan lama betul sampai dh tgh malam

  6. Shafiyza

    I baru try Chanel no 5 and for me its unique, sultry and smooth blend of cool citrus, warm sandalwood, and powdery iris.. I biasa pakai D&G The One, but now Chanel no 5 my fav! And I loveee sangat dengan packaging sebab cute and bau sangat long lasting.

    Image #1 from Shafiyza
  7. noryn


  8. monica Kojan


  9. nurcasper8634

    I got mine…first time try order Chanel no 5 ni…sblm ni pakai bau Yang lain..wangi…nanti order wangi Yang lain pla..ini da Kali ke 4 beli dgn spritz,puas hati.

  10. quelice

    Strong. Yang suka bau strong boleh but nak guna 1 spray dah cukup.

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