Chloe – Eau De Parfum


Brand : Chloe
Series : Eau De Parfum
Category : For Her
Concentration : Eau De Parfum
Performance : 12 – 24 jam

Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you simply marvellous.” – Estee Lauder

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  1. Emma Hoon

    Bough this and 4 other perfumes. This is definitely my fav <3

  2. Hanie Ikmal

    Bau rose & powdery sikit mcm N5. Mmg tahan lama spray pagi smpai malam x hilang kat kulit. Tips, ni oil perfume bukan alcohol. So korang better spray kat kulit. Nak spray baju boleh tapi test dulu takut berbekas je. Mmg recommend cuba yang ni!

  3. roshini.shana

    Absolutely loved it my most favourite perfume ever 🫰🫰

  4. imann980716

    Top note: Bergamot
    Heart notes: White rose, magnolia
    Base notes: Cedar, musk
    (scent information can be found in the Chloé website)

    If you’re a fan of a classic rose perfume, this could be for you. It’s a soft, powdery rose scent with notes of magnolia. Lightly musky, the musk isn’t as distinct as Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Eau So Fresh so it’s more floral than musky. A classic, gentle scent.

  5. Ainie Yasin

    My 2nd time purchasing this.. finally i found my most fave perfume!

  6. Amy

    Sape suka bau rose blh ambik yang ni. Wangii✔️

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