Givenchy – Gentleman


Brand : Givenchy
Series : Gentleman
Category : For Him
Concentration : Eau De Parfum
Performance : 12 – 24 jam

Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman!”- Tom Ford

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  1. Aru

    I hv no idea about this perfume. Bought it solely bcuz the bottle is nice. Perfect choice if you like leather smell. Long-lasting on clothes too..

  2. Aishah

    Beli pfume ni untuk husband. Mmg sedap bau dia manly mcm tu. Tp sehari kena spray 2-3 kali lah jugak sbb nak hilangkan bau rokok dia…

  3. Haziq

    Top notes macam fruity sikit. Tapi lepas stgah jam mcm tu start naik bau leather and woody. mmg perfume manly lah!

  4. Azman

    Baik baik baik baik baik baik!!

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