Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eu So Fresh


Brand : Marc Jacobs
Series : Daisy Eu So Fresh
Category : For Her
Concentration : Eau De Parfum
Performance : 12 – 24 jam

β€œPerfume is the key to our memories” – Kate Lord Brown

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  1. Aru

    Bought 2nd bottle for my girlfriend here. Love the way she smell with this. Its sweet & very light!

  2. Aish

    Playful, light and a bit on the fruity side. Love it!

  3. noraisha112

    Best sangat bau dia, in love terukkkk

  4. Dindasofia

    Bau dia sangat wangi and fresh

  5. imann980716

    Top notes: Raspberry and grapefruit
    Heart notes: Wild rose
    Base notes: Musky plum and cedarwood
    (scent info can be found in the Marc Jacobs website)

    This one is a nice floral and musky scent. Mature and feminine comes to mind when it comes to this scent. Perfect for adults to elders, or for those who want a floral scent that isn’t delicate or sweet.

  6. shamimi ideris

    One of my favorites! This is a light sweet floral that is so easy to wear, its so soft on my skin. This is my third bottle πŸ™‚ Its good for any day and any occasion. You can overspray this and still it wont be overpowering. This is also very nice as a gift.

    Image #1 from shamimi ideris
  7. Ayna

    This is absolutely beautiful and it’s absolutely one of my top 5 all time favs. I love it for its simplicity and it’s fruity vibes. I definitely get the raspberry and pear. It is a clean and fresh scent a nice juicy floral. I love it!

    Image #1 from Ayna
  8. Husna

    Fruity, floral and freshy one! LOVELY!

    Image #1 from Husna
  9. Nurul

    i dah lama tahan hati nak order tp oleh krna nak pergi umrah tpksa hold dl niat. dah balik umrah trs order. wp bdebar jgk bau sama ke tak dgn ori. dh sampai my parcel and then test bau. OMG!! INI MMG BAU YG I NAKKK!!! tqsm jual MC yg ini. nk beli dkt SASA mhl sgt. now dh tau mna nk beli yg mur mur. lps ni x ragu2 beli byk bt stok πŸ’

  10. Nurul

    I have the original one and the smell is almost the same. I can say 98% similar.Infact this one is more long lasting than the original.

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